Wednesday, August 8, 2012

what i wore Wednesday

pleated poppy

I'm linking up with Lindsay over at The Pleated Poppy again. This has been fun for me because I am definitely more aware of what I'm wearing. I'll try to do a few more pictures next week {and take better pictures}. My iPhone usually takes great pictures but it's hard taking shots in the mirror. 

Khaki  Capris - CATO
Black Sweater - Lane Bryant
Black Sequin Flops - Yellow Box
Necklace - Lisa Leonard Designs
And here's my trusty jean skirt again... Honestly, I wear it a lot. 

Jean Skirt - Venezia
Black Shirt - an old favorite
Bare feet - mine!
What have you been wearing? Are you linking up?

Coming tomorrow - a sneak peak at Landon's birthday part invites. They are soooo cute! 


  1. Love the skirt! I wore a jeanskirt today too for WIWW but I'm afraid it didn't look as great as I thought it would!

    Kim M.

  2. Thanks Kim. I love my jean skirts. LOL I liked your outfit too, especially the blouse. :)