Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Cherished Possession

I've always been an avid reader & am so happy that my mom encouraged my love of books. I received one of my favorite Christmas gifts the year I was 11 - the complete set of Little House on the Prairie books. The 9 volume set still holds a prized place on my bookcase. The books are worn out & several of them have loose pages that are just stuffed in place. I re-read the entire set every year, usually in September or October, much to Mike's amusement. He doesn't understand how I can't possibly know these books by heart. I probably do know them by heart, but I think reading them is a comfort thing now. The books envoke a warm, fuzzy feeling inside & leave me feeling the need to make a warm & hearty meal or start piecing a new quilt.

What's one of your cherished possessions?

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