Friday, July 28, 2017

five on friday

Hooray for Friday! We're on vacation next week and have a few fun day trips planned. School starts back up in a few weeks (BOO!!!), so we wanted to sneak in one last week of family fun. I'm linking up with Five on Friday again this week. Let's jump right in. 

We're going out for pizza with the family this evening. Frank's Pizza in Montgomery is one of our favorites. Landon likes sausage and cheese, so we'll get that and one with everything. I haven't had pizza for a while, so I can't wait. 

We're headed to Durbin later in the week to ride "The Durbin Rocket". Landon is so excited. His last train ride was when we rode the Polar Express a few years ago, so he's really looking forward to this. It's two hours round trip, which I think is just perfect. And the train itself is powered by a very rare steam locomotive – Old #3, one of only three operating Climax geared logging locomotives on earth! You can read more about the train here.


Did you shop the Nordstrom sale? I got just a few things and have to say not much tempted me this year. I did get this shirt in ivory and black, this throw in pearl blue for the family room and two of these signs (one for my sister). The signs weren't part of the annual sale, but they were still marked down almost 50%. Oh, I also went back the next day and ordered these jeans. 

For the past few months I've been buying pictures and accents for our living room. Our walls have been pretty bare because I could never really find or afford what I wanted. I shared one picture last week and here's another set of prints I found at Country Door. I love the muted colors and vintage look. I got these for half price, which always makes me happy.  It looks like they are out of stock now, but they may be back soon. I'm hoping to get the room pulled together in the next few weeks. Then I'll share how everything came together.


And in book news this week... Yesterday I received an advance copy of Turkey Trot Murder, the latest in the Lucy Stone Mystery series by Leslie Meier. I've been reading this series for a while now and it's definitely one of my favorites.  It's set in Maine in a little town called Tinker's Cove and you really feel like you're there from the author's description. If you like cozy mysteries, give this series a try. 

Have a great weekend!
- Tonia

Friday, July 21, 2017

five on friday

Happy Friday! It's going to be 95* here today & tomorrow, so I'm hoping the called for isolated thunderstorms hit us. I don't want to wish summer away, but I'm ready for cooler temperatures. I'm linking up with Five on Friday for the first time in a while. Here's what we've been up to.

I've been having some throat and swallowing issues. Tuesday I had an upper endoscopy and had my throat stretched. After living on soft foods for over a month, I'm looking forward to trying to eat Mexican tonight. For a girl who LOVES her food, living on applesauce and oatmeal, etc. has not been easy. 

We went on the Sunday School picnic with my father-in-law on Sunday. Landon had a great day playing on the playground and sliding down the high slide. And boy, was that slide HOT! It didn't phase him one bit though. How cute does he look modeling my latest shirt design?
I've been dreaming of this pear-color KitchenAid mixer. My current one is cobalt blue and works just fine, so I really don't need a new one. But it's still fun to think about. It would match my new kitchen linens so well. 

I'm slowly buying artwork for our living room walls. It's been a work in progress because it's so hard for me to find prints I like. One of my favorite things I've bought is this print by Billy Jacobs - Spring Cleaning on the Farm. Sign up for emails and you'll usually get a code to save at least 40%.

5. And in book news... If your looking for funny, light-hearted mystery, you should definitely pick up the latest in the Jaine Austen Mystery Series, Death of a Bachelorette.  I truly laugh out loud when reading this series. It's just a fun escape. Give this a try and if you like it, you can start from the beginning with This Pen for Hire.

Monday, June 26, 2017

potato salad (just like mama used to make)

My grandma made the best potato salad and I'm always happy to make it for our family holidays or any time really. It's the perfect side dish and everyone always smiles when I put the bowl on the table. It's like my grandma is right there with us in spirit.

I love how easy this is to throw together and especially like that you don't have to peel the potatoes first.  I mix everything up in a huge roasting pan and then transfer it to a serving bowl before adding the sliced eggs and a dash of paprika on top. Be sure to stir really well and you'll get that perfect blend of diced and mashed potatoes that gives that wonderful creamy texture. Try this out for your 4th of July festivities. It's sure to become a fast family favorite.

Potato Salad (Just Like Mama's)
5 lbs Idaho Potatoes
Half Medium White Onion, finely chopped
Sweet Baby Wholes, small/medium chop
6 Hard-Boiled Eggs
Hellman's Mayonnaise
Yellow Mustard
Celery Salt
One teaspoon sugar

Boil potatoes with skin on in salted water, cook just until soft. Allow to cool. Peel and dice potatoes. Add a few tablespoons of pickle juice to potatoes. Peel and mash 3 or 4 eggs (leave rest for top).   Stir in mayonnaise, about a tablespoon of mustard, eggs, onion and pickles. Add celery salt and sugar to taste.  Taste and adjust accordingly.  Just before serving, slice remaining eggs and place on top, followed by a light sprinkle of paprika. (I was out of paprika when I made this for Father's Day as the photo shows).