Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Store

Mike & I recently took Landon on his first picnic - the Sunday School picnic at Beckwith Park. He had a great time, laughing, smiling & dancing for everyone. Oh how my boy loves his music. The heat eventually tired him out though & we decided to head for home.

Of course we couldn't go home without stopping at "The Store", a little market right up the road from the park. And it's actually called The Store. The name itself makes me love the place. Going inside is a little like stepping back into childhood - squeaky wooden floors, retro candy, little glass bottles of Coke (more on my obsession with pop in glass bottles later). We stop by every chance we get, grab some bottles of Coke, a jar of pickled corn (Twinkies for Mike) & sit outside on the makeshift bench for a bit. We always get back in the car with a smile on our faces. Isn't it amazing how something or someplace so simple can leave you so refreshed?

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