Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Facing Your Giants

I'm so happy to be joining our book club again on Thursdays. I miss that time of learning & fellowship. I still feel very anxious am feeling a little anxiety about leaving Landon, but I know he'll be just fine with daddy. Someone please tell me that leaving him for a few hours gets easier. Landon will be thrilled to have a "Daddy & Me" evening.

We're reading Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado & I'm so excited about it. Just reading the back cover brought me a sense of peace... " Focus on giants - you stumble. Focus on God - your giants tumble."  How much more simple can it be? And with all the pressures we have on us today, we definitely face a lot of giants. But just think of how much easier those giants are to face when you're on God's team.  I'll be doing weekly posts on Fridays to let you know what I learn from reading this book.

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Landon will be fine, I too remember the separation anxiety I felt the first few times I left my babies.