Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Scary Experience

I was so excited to get to my hair appointment Tuesday afternoon. It had taken me a few tries to get in, with jury duty taking up a few scheduled appointments. I was picturing myself leaving the salon feeling nice and bright, ready for summer. I did not picture leaving in an ambulance.

I've been with the same stylist for almost 10 years. We go back and forth between full color and highlights. A few years ago during a full color, I had a horrible allergic reaction and we ended up calling the paramedics.  After a few Benadryl and something the paramedics gave me, I was OK. Sick and shaky, but OK. We've stuck with highlights ever since.

Over the next few years, I started having severe allergic reactions to several antibiotic, spider bite, etc. Each time we've had to call the paramedics and take a trip to the hospital for treatment. My blood pressure drops (usually around 60/50) and I start going into shock. I now carry an Epi-Pen at all times.

Back in April we tried a new all over color formula and I was just fine. We used that same thing Tuesday evening and it did not work out. I started feeling itchy towards the end and when it was time to rinse, it hit me fast. I turned red all over and could not focus on anything. I took some Benadryl from my purse and quickly gulped two down. When I finally reached for my Epi-Pen I could not even focus enough to do the injection. Thankfully another stylist had experience with the pens and knew what to do. Then I started vomiting...yuck. All I could think of was "...this is where I'm going to die, with noone around that really loves me..."  When the paramedics arrived my blood pressure had dropped to 58/40 and I passed out. I woke up in the emergency room, thankfully receiving treatment. After some medication, an IV bag full of fluids and a stable blood pressure, I was able to go home. After 15 full hours of sleep, I am feeling better. Thankfully my mom was able to keep Landon for me.

I am glad the color was rinsed from my hair before I had to leave. Now I just have to go back for my cut. And this girl who likes loves her very blond hair may just have a future as a true brunette {with some highlights thrown in}.

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