Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Wreath in Progress

I actually stayed up late this past Friday night. I always say I'm going to, but then I end up falling alseep as soon as Landon goes to bed. That boy can wear a momma out! Sigh...  I used the time to catch up on some shows I had on the DVR  and to work on my new wreath. I wish I had a nice tutorial for you, but that's not the way this project went. I sat in my favorite chair, wire hanger and old bridesmaid dress in hand, along with a pair of scissors. I cut long strips from the dress, which I then cut into 1"x4" strips. Then I simply tied them on the hanger until it was full. I didn't measure so I did have to do some trimming once I finished. Tomorrow night I'm going to add some denim strips to give it a fuller look and coordinate with the denim pillows I made for the porch {more on that later}. I can't wait to get it finished. I'll show you the finished version on Saturday. 

A few more things...

Regarding the April giveaway of celebraTORI...I have not heard from the winner yet. Peggy, please contact me before May 14 or I will be doing another drawing. 

Mother's Day is coming up. Have you read A Baby Story? I'm still in awe of  what a truly powerful God we serve. We are truly blessed and I'm so very thankful for our precious boy.

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