Wednesday, January 23, 2013

being humbled

Sometimes God has to humble us by showing just how we're wrong when thinking we are so very right. I'm thankful for His gentle direction. This came to me yesterday in a situation where I was certain I was right. And when I searched out answers affirming my  position, God gently showed me the reality of the situation. After a bit of reflection, I immediately started praying - asking for forgiveness for my selfish {and self-serving} behavior, for strength to stay strong and the desire to let God lead.

No matter the exact situation, I'm sure we all find ourselves feeling this way from time to time. Isn't it wonderful the way that God can reveal Himself to us?!  And that we can simply ask for forgiveness, strength, etc. to carry on? That we can lay our burdens on God's shoulders, knowing He's more than strong enough to see us through?

Yes, indeed His grace is sufficient. Isn't that amazing?

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