Tuesday, March 12, 2013

{Finally} a haircut

Landon's first haircut went well. He sat willingly on his daddy's lap and let my stylist work her magic. He was almost two years old.  The next haircut didn't go quite as well...lots of screaming and tears. I conned convinced my sister and brother-in-law into taking him for haircut # 3. Again, lots of screaming and tears from Landon and my sister...and an uneven, not-quite-finished haircut.  That was a while ago and I have to say my boy was starting to look a bit shabby. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see I've been using this hash tag quite often :: #irefusetogetahaircut

I knew I had to have his hair cut before Easter and our upcoming spring vacation. And I was dreading it. But my sister dried her tears and stepped up. Isn't she the best??!  She made an appointment with her stylist for Saturday morning. And wouldn't you know, her stylist just happens to be the same stylist who cuts Dr. Who's hair. Landon loves watching Dr. Who with his daddy and his favorite doctor is David Tennant  {that's the 10th doctor and mommy's favorite too!}. After a phone call from Dr. Who the night before his big appointment and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese afterwards, I am happy to say that the haircut went tears, no battle scars, no trauma...just big smiles all around. 

And that makes this momma so happy.

And a winner... Congratulations Torri. You're the winner of the Six Sisters' Stuff new cookbook giveaway. Email me your address and I'll get that right out to you. 

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  1. Thank you thank you! I'm so excited I won the cookbook!