Wednesday, April 23, 2014

this and that

It's been a busy week as we are getting ready to go on vacation soon. That makes it the perfect day to just share a bit of this and that. So grab a cup of coffee and catch up with me...

:: Today is my birthday. As always, I'm giving thanks to God for blessing me with another year on this earth. I've never been one to shy away from age or birthdays - I'm always just happy to be alive and embrace every single day.  We'll celebrate with family later this week, but tonight we're keeping it low key - cheese pizza (Landon's favorite) and cupcakes. He's looking forward to blowing out some candles. 

:: How cute is this precious face I woke up to this morning? He's ready for summer with his brand new haircut and ready to hit the beach.  He's also a little scared. He's going through a phase where he's scared of just about everything. A few evenings ago, he said this...  "I'm scared of spiders, bats, monsters, aliens, sharks and that it. You think of anything else scary for me?"  He's so funny! 

:: Speaking of vacation and the beach... Last year I took a journal along and wrote a letter to Landon every evening, talking about what we did that day. I got the book out yesterday to pack for our upcoming trip and it was so much fun to read about what we did last year.  These letters will be a great keepsake for him one day. 

:: Now that Easter is over, I'm working on putting out some summer decor. I love that touches of red, white and blue can be displayed all summer long. I'm working on a great canvas project that I can't wait to share. I'll have a tutorial up by May 11th, giving you plenty of time to create your own. 

:: I have a new addiction: Untold Stories of the ER on Discovery Health.  It is so good. You can't help but wonder how some of these people end up in the situations they are in.  

:: Have you tried the white chocolate M&Ms? They are a Target exclusive for spring. I might be hoarding four bags right now. They are that good! Go get some now!

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