Friday, October 23, 2015

Five on Friday

Hooray for Friday!!  We've got a busy weekend planned and I'm excited to get out and enjoy these fleeting October days. I'm linking up with Five on Friday again this week. Here we go!

We're going to Beckley tomorrow evening to go through the haunted coal mine. Landon is so excited. We took him to the mine back in the summer for the regular tour and he really enjoyed it. We'll see how he does with the scarier tour. Mike and I went with through the haunted mine back in 1998 with some friends of ours. We had just been married for a few weeks and I got us matching sweaters to wear. Yes, I really did!! We wore the EXACT same sweaters. I cringe just thinking about it.  I jokingly told Mike maybe we could do that again this year. He didn't seem to happy at the idea...

A tour of the mine is really something to see. My grandpa was a coal miner and it's very humbling to see the conditions they worked in to provide for their families. I'll try to do a post soon on all there is to see at the Exhibition Coal Mine. It really is interesting. 

I ordered this travel mug for Mike yesterday for Christmas. A friend recommended this brand and I love the easy clean lid. I'm almost completely done with our Christmas shopping and hope to finish up before Nov. 1st. 

Landon is being what he calls a scaredy cat for Halloween. My friend Robin is making his hat and I got him a tail and a set of black thermals to wear as his costume. I also got some face paint to make a nose and whiskers. He'll be the cutest scaredy cat around! 

I'm not sure what our main course will be for Sunday dinner yet, but I do know that these German-Style fried potatoes will on the table. Ever since I saw the picture on Pinterest from Scrumpdillyicious, I cannot quit thinking about them. Yum!
Our book club will hopefully start on November 1st. I'll have a post up next week about the book we'll be reading and where we'll be discussing. Look for details on Instagram with hashtag #THCbookclub   (I'm ToniaTHC). 

Have a great weekend!
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  1. The haunted mine tour sounds so interesting. How was it? I took my kids to a haunted fort tour this past Friday -- they turn a centuries old fort into a haunted house for the Halloween. It was fun, albeit a little silly.

  2. It was great Sarah. Mostly silly screaming, but Landon still enjoyed it. I'm hoping they do the Christmas tour again this year - it's really pretty to see the mine lit up with Christmas lights. The haunted fort sounds great! I was on your blog the other day and requested a Maine visitor's guide that very same day. ;)