Thursday, February 25, 2016

A (Bigger) Big Boy Room

Right before Landon turned three, we redid his bedroom. It hasn't changed since, but he's outgrown the airplane theme and also needs new furniture with more storage space. We've been talking about how he'd like the room to look and he's wanting to go with an outdoor/campy theme. I don't like to go crazy with a theme, but I've found a few ideas that I like. 

This  is actually a board I saw for a bathroom, but I think it would make a great bedroom too. 

I really love this Adventure Forest by Tiffany Jayne art print

But what I think I'll end up doing is designing the room around this print. It's just perfect because our boy truly is our greatest adventure! And here's a peek at my rough draft design board. The colors are perfect for a young boy and it flows well with the colors through the rest of the house.  I'm excited to get started and hope to have his new room ready before summer break. I better get busy! 

Have a great day! 

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