Friday, March 31, 2017

five on friday

Happy Friday guys. We've made it through another week. We've got a busy weekend planned and I'm looking forward to spending time with some family I don't see very often. Life just gets too busy doesn't it?!  I'm linking up with Five on Friday again. Let's jump right in.

Yesterday I tried a new lotion a friend had from Bath & Body Works - A Thousand Wishes. I instantly fell in love with it and wanted to order some.  I looked at the right time because yesterday only you could get any travel size items for $2.95.  I ordered a few things in the A Thousand Wishes line and also a few things from the At the Beach line to take along on vacation next month.

I've decided I need want a pair of short rain boots for spring. I really like this short pair, but think I'd prefer it in a matte navy. I do kind of like this succulent color too though. Since my birthday month is coming up, I'll have to let Mike know about these.  I like the idea of wearing these with shorts, but wonder if I should go with the tall for that.
I've been adding this new Kool-Aid Liquid Tropical Punch concentrate to one of my water servings every day. It's really soooo good.  I do limit myself to one use a day because I don't like drinking too much artificial sweetener, but it's a nice change from plain water.


We need a new storage building for the back yard. Mike likes this one from Lowes and I've had it in the back of my mind to surprise him for Father's Day. It's on sale now, so it may need to be an early gift.  It will look nice in our back yard and also add a bit more privacy. 


And now in book news... Another fun mystery series I love is the Jaine Austen Mystery series by Laura Levine.  It's always a fun, light read and the interaction between Jaine and her parents is hilarious.  Death of a Bachelorette is coming out in June and I was lucky enough to get an advance copy.  I'll be doing a giveaway later next month, so be sure to check back here and follow along on Instagram (I'm ToniaTHC) for details.

Have a great weekend.  Check back in next week for my Easter Basket post and a delicious recipe for roasted carrots. 
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