Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Wednesday

There's a great giveaway going over at The Pineapple Room.  Be sure to stop by. It's quickly becoming another one of my favorite blogs.

Are you all decorated for Halloween? Don't forget about my {free }Boo! download.

My niece who turns eleven on Sunday is staying with us Friday night. Ally is such an amazing girl - she's like my very own mini-me. We're going to watch a spooky movie (probably Hocus Pocus) and do a craft or bake Halloween cookies - her choice. See the cake I made for her last birthday?

And Sunday is also our 12th wedding anniversary. 12 YEARS! It seems like yesterday & I truly don't know what I would do without my wonderful guy by my side. He is nothing short of aMaZiNg! We have a date night planned for Saturday night & I'm so excited...we don't get out much without a diaper bag these days. I'm wondering if we'll actually make it through both dinner & a movie because neither of us like being away from our boy.

I promise {promise!} to have a picture of my cupcake liner wreath up by Saturday. And I'll also show you the sweet candy corn topiaries I'm working on right now - they'll be finished soon.

Have a great day!


  1. Tonia,
    I'm your newest follower...Yea! Thanks for blogging about the giveaway!
    Isn't it a blessing that people come into your life at just the right moment :)
    I'm having a baby shower at my house this weekend and i've been having problems with the cupcake as i'm looking through your post...there it is the perfect idea/solution. Love the picks you made for the red velvet cupcakes!!! Thanks for the idea...

  2. You are so welcome. And they were super easy. The crumb idea actually came from the Williams-Sonoma catalog (ridiculous price for mini cupcakes).