Friday, February 11, 2011


Please stop whatever you are doing and say a prayer for this precious baby boy. Baby Ben is only 6 weeks old and is in the hospital in serious condition after sufffering abuse at the hands of his own father. You can read the complete story here.

Ben has a left skull fracture, a broken collar bone and broken bones in his left wrist. He will possibly have to undergo surgery to repair the skull fracture.

How someone can do this to their own child {or any child}, I won't even pretend to understand. I am hoping & praying that he recovers & is placed with a family that will love & cherish him the way God intended.


Rosemary said...

There are no words just sadness.

Hannah said...

This is sickening. I will pray for this little guy. What a sweet little case he has. Oh, I am sick to my stomach that anyone would hurt such a precious thing.

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