Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cookie Love

Landon has a new love... Pillsbury Easter Bunny Sugar Cookies. I baked some the other day while he was napping and he had two as a snack when he woke up. It was love at first bite! Later that day my mom and sister stopped by. I asked Landon if he wanted to give them one of his cookies and, oh my goodness, how his little face lit up as I helped him hold out the plate to offer them a cookie. He wasn't smiling a few minutes later though when Shiloh snuck up and snatched his cookie right out of his sweet little hand. It's a good thing he likes to share.

He had Mexican food for the first time last weekend. Cheese enchiladas, rice and beans. He loved everything except the beans and proceeded to wipe them from his tongue. He is such a character. He loved talking to our great waiter and the owner and waving at everyone else coming and going. I am glad he enjoyed the food too...I'm hoping we go back tonight.

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