Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick Days

Oh my goodness, there's been a lot of sickness in the Dempsey household. Landon has a stomach virus and threw up for the first time {followed by about 5 more times}. How my precious boy cried. He's feeling better now but is just completely worn out. We've been spending a lot of time snuggled up on the couch watch Mickey's Christmas Special which almost puts me in the Christmas spirit. Mike is sick too, with a bad cold that I'm now catching.  I'm just hoping everyone is well by the weekend.

I'm getting ready to do my March giveaway, so watch for it on Friday. And I'm also going to show you the best chocolate cupcakes with a creamy peanut butter frosting. They are DeCaDeNt!

Are you cooking up something special for St. Patrick's Day? We're having corned beef & cabbage with cornbread {yum!} and some shamrock sugar cookies I know Landon will adore.

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