Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweet Dreams Pastry Shop

A new bakery recently opened in Montgomery...Sweet Dreams Pastry Shop. My niece and I stopped by Friday afternoon and instantly fell in love. Cream horns, brownies, eclairs, cinnamon rolls... what more could a girl ask for? Ally chose a chocolate cupcake with a rich, chocolate frosting, I got a cream horn and also a bag of eclairs to take home to the rest of the family. Ally thought the cupcake was wonderful and I loved {LOVED} my cream horn. I have had many disappointments at bakeries whose cream horns do not even compare to the ones from the grocery deli. So let me tell you, JILL KNOWS CREAM HORNS!  And the eclairs did not disappoint either.

The shop also sells hot dogs, sandwiches and some party supplies. Be sure to stop by soon for some delicious treats. 

Sweet Dreams is owned by Jill Lockard Davis and is located by Family Dollar. Hours are 9am-6pm Monday through Friday and 10am-5pm Saturday. Phone: 304-981-4916.


  1. All the treats looked great. Cream horns are a good measure of the quality of a bakery and this one looks good.

  2. It's great Rosemary. If you're ever in WV, you'll have to stop by.