Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Deviled Eggs

My sister remembers with horror the Christmas of 1977. I was 4 years old and decided to help myself to a deviled egg from the refrigerator. I don't really remember what happened, but I've been told several times that the platter ended up on the floor and no one had deviled eggs that Christmas. Amy, 6 years old at the time, actually cried.

We always have deviled eggs for Easter too.  My sister actually makes these, along with her wonderful cucumber salad {recipe to come}. These eggs have actually become her specialty and they are by no means your ordinary deviled eggs. The filling consists of egg yolks, mayonaise, mustard, sweet pickle relish, radishes, green onions, and salt, giving the eggs a confetti-like appearance. There is always leftover filling, but it never goes to waste at our house. My great-uncle James takes it home with him, saying it makes a great egg salad sandwich. 

Deviled Eggs
Start with 18 boiled eggs. Half eggs and set whites aside, place yolks in mixing bowl.

Finely chop 10 radishes and one bunch of green onions (greens only); set aside. Add mayonaise and mustard to egg yolks, a little at a time until to desired consistency (filling should not be too thin). Add 3 tablespoons of sweet pickle relish, radishes and green onions, mix well. Add salt to taste. Pipe or spoon filling into eggs. Enjoy!

*better pic to come

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