Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Pictures

My mom and I took Landon to have his picture taken yesterday morning. He was such a good boy. I got him up early, fed him a big breakfast and we were off. He took a little nap on the way, so once we arrived at the Town Center, he was still a happy boy. Well, at least until he realized he was going to ride in his stroller. He refused did not want to let me fasten him in. Oh my goodness can this boy scream. That's his big thing now - refusing to get into the stroller or shopping cart. Once I got him fastened in, he was fine. Isn't that how it goes?  I'm red-faced and worn out from the struggle and he's happy as can be with mama pushing him along.

The photographer did a great job with his pictures. I'm so happy with how they turned out. And of course, I ordered too many. Do you do that too?  It's so hard to resist when you're looking at all the pictures at one time.

The little suit he's wearing... I actually got it for him to wear last year (size 6-9 mos.) It's a Ralph Lauren and I got a fantastic deal on it.  When I was thinking about his Easter suit for this year, I decided to try this on him again to see if  it would work. And it fits perfectly! He's so handsome, my little man. And the tie onesie...I got it from Chic Couture Boutique on Etsy.

This is one of my favorites from our photo session. I LoVe black & white photos. There is something so pure about them.

Are you getting ready for Easter? This weekend I'm going to work on Landon's Easter basket and also one for my niece. I'm also thinking of putting together a few baskets for my mom, Mike and my sister. A post on all that is coming soon.

I'm so thankful to be celebrating the resurrection. Jesus lives & because He was victorious over sin & death, we too can be.

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