Friday, April 8, 2011


My heart is heavy tonight and there’s a silence in our house that’s unbearable. Instead of two snorers, I only hear one. After 13 years of being the best dog in the world, our beloved Shiloh is gone. My heart is completely broken and I can’t stop the tears.

We got Shiloh a few weeks before our wedding and he has been the most loyal and affectionate little guy. We’ve had so many adventures with him. He had an endless appetite and could never resist a good steak. He loved to bury things. When he was younger I was constantly finding little dog biscuits everywhere…in hampers, under furniture cushions, etc. He buried things so often that he rubbed all the skin off his nose, leaving behind a little red spot. And oh how he loved to howl in a little sing-song. All you had to do to get him started was to do a little howl of your own. He was so much fun. He was a loud little snorer too. I often told Mike I don’t know who was louder – him or Shiloh. I think that’s what I will miss the most because doesn’t every loss seem more noticeable in the quiet and dark of night?

He was a very distinguished dog, his formal name being Mr. Shiloh-Bob Beaglesworth. He also had names for most holidays: Heart-Bob, Bunny-Bob, Patriot-Bob, Icha-Bob, Turkey-Bob, Jingle-Bob. He was very festive.

I had hoped that Landon would get to grow up with him for at least a few more years, but when you see your pet aging and watch their health decline more and more, you know it’s time to let go. As much as we hate losing our sweet, sweet Shiloh, we also wanted to let him go with his dignity.

Rest in Peace Shiloh. You are loved and missed.

Shiloh-Bob Beaglesworth
1998      -       2011


  1. Again Tonia, I am so sorry! Just like me and Luci, Shiloh was your first baby and filled that emptiness in your home for many years. They truly become your children. I am glad you have so many good memories of him! I know you loved him, and I guarantee he knew, too!

    Love you!

  2. Thanks Robin. I thought of you & Luci yesterday. They were our first babies.

    Love you!

  3. So sorry Shiloh sounds like a wonderful companion as the photo with Landon shows..

  4. Thanks Rosemary. Don't forget to send me your address...did you see that you're one of the March giveaway winners?!