Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christmas in july | week 2

Wow - what a wild 10 days it's been around here. Until last night, my mom & sister had been without power since June 29th due to the terrible storm we had.  Lots of wasted food, a generator and $40 worth of gas per day later, everything is finally back to normal. We truly do take electricity {and blessed air conditioning} for granted.

I hope you're linking up with me for Christmas in July. With all the chaos, I didn't get a chance to finish my glitter letter project so I'll have to show that for next week's link up. Today I'm going to talk about Christmas trees. We've always had an artificial tree. During our first few years of marriage, when money was tight, we used a cheap tree from Kmart. Then my grandma got a new tree and passed hers down to us. We used it for 10 years and it started showing its age after 8 years. I just could not bear to part with it though, since it was the last tree my papa decorated. Oh, my emotional attachments. LOL  Every year we planned to get a new tree but then I would say "let's make do one more year".  Well, I can't do that this year because a few days after Christmas, ours tree was hauled away by the garbage men.

I'm looking at a few from Balsam Hill. They have great trees and are also doing a "Christmas in July" special right now - 50% off several great trees. I definitely want to make our purchase this month so I won't  be tree-shopping the week before Thanksgiving.

Here's the ones I'm considering...

The tree on the left is the BH Noble Fir. The tree on the right is the Blue Spruce. I love both trees. But the $1049 price tag on the Noble Fir is making me lean towards the blue spruce. Both have a nice realistic look. What do you think?

Do you use an artificial tree or purchase a real one?

I hope you're celebrating Christmas in July with me. Be sure to link up!


  1. For years we always had real trees but a few years ago finally got an artifical.. less fuss and muss. Still miss the real scent tho... thinking the blue looks just as good as the Noble.

  2. Thanks Rosemary. I'm pretty sure we'll go with the Blue Spruce. I can't justify paying $1049 for something we use 30 days a year. LOL

    I'd LOVE to have a real tree, but my allergies will not allow it. And I like putting the tree up early - usually Thanksgiving weekend.