Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RIP Andy Griffith

I was so sad when I learned that Andy Griffith had passed away. When my sister told me, it actually brought tears to my eyes. Like many of you, I grew up watching reruns of the show. My mom, sister and I always got excited when Super Bowl Sunday rolled around because it usually meant an Andy Griffith Show marathon. It was a stay-in-your-pajamas day for us with some snacks and lots of laughs. 

The older I get, the more I wish we could actually live in such simple times. Just last night I was watching an episode I had on the DVR from Saturday - "Man in a Hurry". It's one of my favorites and shows Mayberry hospitality at its best. It also highlights how seriously they took not working on Sundays. Doesn't that sound great? I might start taking that idea a little more seriously - no housework, chores, etc. on Sunday. Just worship, maybe some sewing, family game time. 

Back to the show - My all-time favorite episode is "The Pickles". It is truly laugh-out-loud funny. "I don't know how I can face the future when I know there's 8 quarts of these pickles in it".  Barney at his best!  Another favorite is "Manhunt".  I could name lots more, but this post would be much too long.

I know Andy Taylor was just a character Griffith played, in addition to his many other roles, but I think we'll all remember him as Sheriff Taylor. It's nice to think of the cast members sitting up on Heaven's front porch enjoying a soda pop. 

~ RIP Andy Griffith. ~
Thanks for the laughs! 

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