Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Landon loves VBS

We are into our 4th night of Vacation Bible School. Landon is loving every minute of it. Can you tell by his huge smile? His class is very just a bit on the wild side, but I guess that comes with their age. Their teacher, Mary, is doing a great job keeping them busy and interested. Bubbles, floating sponge boats, etc. She's also had some great crafts but he's not very interested in that yet. 

I've always loved VBS. When my sister and I were younger, we went to all the ones in our community during the summer. And it seemed like they all always served the same snack - orange Kool-Aid and chocolate chip cookies. Yum!  I felt a bit like a kid again myself last night as I enjoyed snack time.

We don't get home from VBS until almost 9pm. I was hoping Landon would be exhausted and ready for bed from all the excitement, but once he sees his daddy, he gets his second wind. But it's so fun to watch his sweet, excited face as he tells daddy all about his evening. Oh, how I love my boy.

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