Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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Oil of Olay and Jergen's Original Body Lotion... They are certainly nothing fancy, but I feel rich when I use them. To me, they are memories of my grandma and mom.  I love how the fragrance would linger on them when I would hug and kiss them goodnight. 

Isn't it funny how something as simple as lotions and face creams can bring back such a flood of memories? I grabbed both these items while I was out last week and fell in love with them all over again, especially the Oil of Olay {we're talking original formula}. I've used a lot of expensive anti-aging creams since I hit my late 30s, all with the usual normal results. But since I started using Olay, in less than one week, my face is absolutely glowing. Seriously! Something so basic is working so well. Now, the Jergen's body lotion is just your basic body lotion, but the smell is what I adore. I'm going to be using both these products through the summer. 

I'm also putting both these items in my mom & sister's  Mother's Day treat baskets. That's one of the best things about memories...sharing them with the people you love.

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