Monday, July 1, 2013

Landon Goes to the Movies


We took Landon to the movies for the first time on Saturday to see Monsters Univeristy. It was a BIG success.  I wasn’t sure if he would sit through the entire movie, but he was just amazing.  We got soda at the theater, but I brought our snacks along in my bag. {Don’t tell anyone!}. Landon was so excited to have a cup of his very own “pop”.  I don’t let him eat popcorn yet and I’m telling you, that popcorn smelled better than EVER before. 

How cute is his little shirt? Of course, he had to have a Monsters U shirt to wear. And also Monsters U pajamas for later that night.  Those of you who follow me know of my pajama addiction.

Now that we’ve made our first visit, I’m looking forward to taking him to see other movies… The Smurfs and Despicable Me II are both opening soon.

We’re getting ready for a great 4th of July weekend. I’m making some patriotic breakfast pastries and a few other treats to enjoy. We’re excited to relax, swim and watch Mike and Greg do their magic with fireworks.  
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