Friday, August 2, 2013

five on friday

Happy Friday friends! I'm linking up with Darci for Five on Friday today. Here's a little look at what I've been up to lately. 

1. I am in ~LOVE~ with the caramel crunch frappe from Starbucks. It's definitely my favorite summer drink. Although I must say, I enjoy McDonald's frappes just as much, especially the chocolate chip frappe. 
2. Donuts with sprinkles are Landon's absolute favorite. We'll be going out for some later today. I'm kind of excited too. What girl doesn't love sprinkles?

3. I hardly ever have time to read any more...unless it's a 5 page Halloween board book. But I managed to read an entire book this week. Can you believe it? Pure bliss I'm telling you... I love James Patterson and Second Honeymoon did not disappoint. Be sure to read Honeymoon first so you'll understand the story. 

4. I'm working on Landon's birthday party coming up at the end of the month. I cannot believe he is going to be four years old! My mom ordered his cake and I worked on his invitations last night. I'm also turning a huge box into a walk-in Tardis. My boy will be crazy with excitement. 

5. Halloween is not far away, so I've been looking through all my old magazines and catalogs to get an idea of how I want to decorate. I cannot wait to get the house ready for fall and enjoy all the fun things that go along with my favorite time of year.

And s
peaking of fall... I'm making a new breakfast treat tomorrow. The recipe will be up on the blog Monday, so be sure to check it out. Obviously I cannot wait until September to break out the pumpkin. 

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