Friday, August 9, 2013

five on friday

Happy Friday friends! I'm linking up with Darci for Five on Friday today. Here's what's going on in our little world. 

1:: I am so in love with these boots. I need a new pair and I'm pretty sure these are the ones. I would truly wear them with everything...shorts, jeans, a cute skirt... 

2:: My allergies have went crazy this summer. I honestly can count on one hand the days I've dared to wear mascara. This week my eyes are more irritated than usual and Visine has truly been my saving grace. 

3:: We're a little late joining the new fro-yo craze around here, but I finally took Landon to Orange Leaf last week. And OMgosh, the wedding cake flavor truly does taste JUST LIKE WEDDING CAKE. I'm smitten and we may just end up back there tomorrow. 

4:: There's a new bakery that opened up here not long ago. I am in love with the edges on her pie crust and have decided that's something I need to perfect. Seriously, is this not perfection?

5:: We're headed to the WV State Fair next week.  Landon is excited to see all the animals and go on some rides. But mommy?? This mommy is excited to get her yearly fix on Ben & Ellen's Donuts. No kidding - people stand in line for however long it takes to enjoy a hot donut right then and take a bag to go. 

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