Wednesday, August 19, 2015

halloween cake

Today I'm sharing the haunted house cake I did for my niece's 10th birthday several years ago. It's never to early to plan for Halloween, right?! Mike and I had so much fun doing this together. I may make it again this year so Landon can help decorate. It's the perfect cake to let the kids help with.

For the cake I used an 11x15 pan with two boxes of cake mix. After covering the entire cake with a milk chocolate frosting, I got to work on the decorating. Here's how I did it...

Grass - coconut with green food coloring
Walkway - candy corn path filled with Halloween sprinkles
Graveyard - Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies with a pretzel fence
Pumpkin Patch - candy corn pumpkins
Ghosts - Peep ghosts
Jack-O-Lanterns - candy from the baking aisle
Haunted House - a perfect find from the greeting card aisle

For the pumpkin patch in front of the cake, I spread a bit of leftover frosting to make the "grass" stick and added a few pumpkins. For the pumpkins lying down, I cut the candies in half.

Give this idea a try for Halloween, adding your own special touches. You'll be surprised at how well it turns out. 

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