Friday, May 20, 2016

five on friday

Happy Friday! I'm linking up with Five on Friday again today. Let's jump right in!

We have so much going on this week trying to finish up the school year. Next week there is a small field trip, field day and kindergarten graduation. How can it be that kindergarten is almost over?! I truly blinked and the year is gone. I can't believe that our boy will soon be getting ready to go to first grade!! There's no baby left ya'll!

I ordered some new makeup for summer this week. I've been using Dior Diorskin Forever for a few years now, but wanted to try something different. I ordered this Chanel Double Perfection to see how I like it. I'll let you know how it works out. I also ordered these just for fun. 

Landon is spending the night with my sister tonight, so that means date night for us. We were going to go to the casino, but decided to stay close by and eat at our local Mexican restaurant. I can already taste the chips and salsa...and a frozen margarita. And I'll be home in time for 20/20. Yes, we are that exciting folks!  

Speaking of TV - Don't forget there's an I Love Lucy Superstar Special on tonight. "Lucy Visits Grauman's" and "Lucy and John Wayne" will be shown in color. I have it scheduled to record to be sure I don't miss it.

Besides trying to wrap up the last week of school, I'm also trying to get some things ready for Memorial Day weekend. Do you remember these bed sheets from when you were younger? We had them in all colors. I ordered one from Etsy to use as a fun tablecloth. My mom and sister will be surprised to see these vintage sheets making a comeback. 

On Wednesday, June 1st I'm going to be talking about some great gift ideas for Father's Day and also kick off a fun giveaway. 

Have a great weekend!

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