Thursday, August 4, 2016

national sister's day

When you think of your sister, what comes to mind? Best friend immediately comes to my mind.  Some may say she's a good listener, others will say she's funny or that she gives great advice. In a poll of 1500 people, 28% of 18-65 year olds said their sister is their best friend. It should come as no surprise. After all, a sister is someone you share milestones (and secrets!) with. 

National Sister Day is right around the corner, so Shari's Berries decided to celebrate all the wonderful sisters out there with a fun infographic that shows what people love most about their sister, famous sister pairs and scientific facts about sisters. So, the next time you get into a sibling argument, just remember all the times she's made you smile.  You can take a look at some fun sister facts and sister pairs here

While you're there, send your sister some strawberries. I'm sure she'll thank you...and maybe even share! 

Have a great day!
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