Wednesday, November 30, 2016

christmas decor

Are you busy decking the halls? Here's a little peek at my Christmas style board.  The bird print is from a vintage post card I had enlarged for a canvas. I got it last year and I just love it. 

Here's our tree minus the star which I had to have my mom help me with. Even with a step stool, I'm too short for that. Hmmm... I wanted to use a tree collar this year (specifically THIS one), but found out too late that they must be in place before you put up the tree. Next year I'll plan ahead. It would be nice if they made one that has an open back. I'm still thinking about ordering this one and cutting an opening in it. You don't see the back anyway. I'll keep you updated on that.

For our piano, I like a simple, classic look. Two mercury trees, a glittery reindeer, some lights and garland. And this fabulous Bethlehem print. I still have a few finishing touches for our vintage utility cart turned bar cart. 

Are you finished decorating or just starting?

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