Friday, February 24, 2017

five on friday

Hooray for Friday. It's a beautiful day in West Virginia today and we're loving this spring-like weather at the end of February.  It's not going to last long though, so we're enjoying it while we can. We might even have a thunderstorm tonight!! I'm linking up with Five on Friday again this week. Let's get right to it.

Let's do book news first today.  I've teamed up with Kensington Publishing for a fun giveaway. Hop over to my Facebook page for for a chance to win a copy of Banana Cream Pie Murder, Joanne Fluke's latest in the Hannah Swensen Mystery Series. It's a light, fun mystery series that I've been reading for years now. 

Landon and I are going to The Clay Center tomorrow.  They have the Grossology! exhibit going on right now and I know he's going to love it. I'm pretty excited to see if myself.  Besides the hands-on exhibit, there's also a program in the theater/planetarium.  We'll probably end up staying most of the day because after the Grossology fun, I'm sure Landon will want to play on the climbing sculpture.

We're going to the beach in April for our family vacation, so the hunt for a new swimsuit is on. I really like this one, but I haven't ordered it yet. I usually go for a bottom with a skirt,  but I'm trying to move away from that this year. I love this color and the fabric looks nice. I need to order now so I'll have time to return it if it doesn't work out.

We're doing our first container garden this year and I'm going to try to do something in this style. I really like the containers and the clean design. I'm not going to add the fence since our yard is already fenced, but I'm in love with the containers and pavers. More to come on that.
Is anyone else as excited as I am to watch Feud: Bette and Joan on FX? I've watched a lot of Joan Crawford's old movies and loved Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. I also love the old Hollywood glamour. I think Susan Sarandon is a perfect choice for Bette, but I'm not as sure about Jessica Lange for Joan. I'll just have to watch and see. Who else is watching with me? 
Have a great weekend!
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