Monday, November 29, 2010

Music Pillar Candles {Tutorial}

I received my Pottery Barn holiday catalog last week. On Friday I put Landon down for a nap, grabbed a cup of coffee & settled into my favorite chair, catalog in hand. So many great ideas & beautiful decorations. One thing I really loved was the music pillar candles. Reading the description, I decided I might just be able to pull that off myself. From the catalog description..."candles in antiqued sheet music and finished them with a sugar-texture lacquer coating."  So I gathered up my supplies & got to work.  I was lucky enough to have some old church hymnals on hand so I was able to use Christmas music. I love that the pages already had that aged appearance. The end result turned out pretty well.  What do you think?     (1st photo - my candles; photo at bottom - Pottery Barn)

Music Pillar Candles
Here's what you'll need...
3 pillar candles
sheet music
modge podge

Measure your sheet music against the candle; cut to fit. Apply to candle using modge podge. Hold candle over a bowl & sprinkle with sugar, tapping candle against palm to remove excess as you go.

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