Friday, December 10, 2010

Landon Meets Santa

Last night we went to the Christmas Open House at the library {one of my favorite places}. It was so festive & fun. We ate cookies & drank delicious punch while listening to Christmas songs performed by the local high school show choir. Landon had to get up & dance...he loves his music. 

After the concert, the older kids got to do a craft while the younger kids lined up to see Santa. I wasn't sure how Landon would react this year; last year he was just 4 months old & is asleep in his picture with Santa. After a short wait, it was our turn to see the jolly, bearded man. I stepped to the side, camera ready, while Mike put Landon on Santa's lap. Oh my goodness, he did not like it one bit. Bless his heart... I had time to snap just one picture before I had to save my little man. Maybe he'll be more into Santa next year - we'll see.

Does your local library have Family Fun Night? Ours does every Thursday.

Let's see your pictures with Santa!

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