Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Waiting on September

Is everyone else as ready for fall and September as I am? Seriously, I cannot wait for summer to be over. The heat has just been unbearable. I'm ready for cool, crisp days and donuts with apple cider. Sigh...doesn't that sound wonderful?! 

I told Mike to be ready to eat something with pumpkin on Thursday to celebrate {what I call} the official start of autumn. I'm making some pumpkin biscotti and also have something special planned for dinner. I'm sure he's afraid it's my not-so-tasty pumpkin chili from last year. If you have a good pumpkin chili recipe, please share!

Right in the middle of all this longing-for-fall, I'm trying to get us ready for vacation. We're headed to the beach in just a few days. It's Landon's first visit, so we are beyond excited to share our favorite places with our little guy. I've made so many to-do and things-to-pack lists, yet I don't have the first thing packed. I better get busy.

Do you want to make some pumpkin biscotti too? Find the recipe I'm using here. I'm thinking of adding some pecans and mini-chocolate chips.

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