Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ally's Dance Recital

I took Landon to my niece's dance recital Saturday afternoon. I was very a little nervous about his attention span lasting 3 hours, but he did surprisingly well. {Thanks so much to the man two rows up that barely flinched when Landon's snack cup went sailing through the air and right into the back of his head}. After the show got started, he stood on my mom's lap and danced right along with the girls on stage. He LOVES music so much. Right now his favorite song is Roll On {Alabama}. We listen to it several times a day. 

Ally looked wonderful and so grown up on stage. Dance comes natural to her. Afterwards, we all went to Pizza Hut for dinner. That's where I took this picture. Everyone says Ally looks like my mini-me, but in this picture she looks just like my mom. 

It was a great Saturday afternoon and I'm already looking forward to her next recital. 

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