Friday, September 28, 2012

happy friday

Happy Friday! Wow...I've been gone for a while. Sometimes life just gets too busy and you have to let some things slide for a bit. With all we've had going on lately, this song has been such a source of comfort to me. 

Landon threw my iPhone down the furnace vent.  3 days and $95.40 later, I have it back. The company who installed our new unit back in June sent a service tech out to retrieve it. Needless to say, I don't leave it lying around anymore.  Last night my boy got into a bottle of red {yes, RED} nail polish and painted his fingers. Mike came through the house carrying him and in the light of the lamp, the polish looked a lot like blood. My heart just about stopped before he could tell me it was nail polish. And guess who was out of polish remover? Yep, this momma! 

I have some great new fall recipes to share next week along with some pillows I'm working on for our front porch. I've been working in the flower beds, planting mums and spreading new mulch. I love getting to be outside with Landon on crisp, fall days after such a hot summer.  We're having new vinyl porch railing installed next week so our porch will have a great new look for the Halloween and upcoming holiday season. 

Be sure to stop by every day next week. You'll have a chance to win the new cookbook from Our Best Bites

Have a great weekend! 

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