Wednesday, October 10, 2012

happy birthday ally

Today is my niece's 13th birthday. I cannot believe she is 13. Or how tall she is {5'9}!  Her birthday party is coming up on Saturday. I can't wait to celebrate with her. And maybe watch The Hunger Games. She will be thrilled. 

We got her an iTunes gift card. Isn't that what every 13 year old wants now? Funny, I remember getting a stack of Nancy Drew books when I turned 13 and I was thrilled. Oh, how times have changed. LOL   I did also want her to have a keepsake for this milestone birthday, so I've written her a special letter about this time in her life. Here's a little peek...

To me, you will never be more beautiful than you are right now. Because what makes you beautiful is that you are you. You have a generous and kind heart. You are my sweet girl with the old soul. You have such compassion and love for others.  These are the things that make you beautiful. 

You are YOU! The girl I adore with all my heart.

~ Happy Birthday Ally! We love you. ~

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  1. Happy birthday, Ally!

    Tonia, I can still remember you talking about her first day of kindergarten! How long ago was that? It's just crazy how time flies.