Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Book Week | Some Childhood Favorites

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Books, books, books... Oh, I could easily talk about books all day long.  Which means I was very excited to see Emily over at Jones Design Company dedicating an entire week to books.  Today I'm going to talk about a few favorite books from my childhood.  I still go back and read some of them from time to time.

When I was in  second grade, I adored Noisy Nancy Norris by Lou Ann Gaeddert. It was the ONLY book I wanted to check out from the library. Finally Mrs. Thompson, our school librarian, insisted I give other books a try. I finally gave in, but still took Noisy Nancy home with me every chance I got. She was so noisy and vibrant - I loved her!

Here's two other favorites I remember from my elementary years... Of course, there's many more but I'll save those for another day.

Nine-year old Andrea orders wings guaranteed to make her fly through an ad in her comic book. Incredibly, the wings do work. I loved this book, so much I borrowed it from the library again last year. I'm trying to convince my niece to give it a try. 

When the bicycle she’s been longing for turns out to be nothing like she expected, a young girl is sick with disappointment. Then the summer at her grandma’s teaches her several valuable lessons. I loved this book years ago when I first read it because I could relate to the young girl and her friendships. I love it now because it reminds me of long, leisure  summers spent at my grandparents camp. I read this again last year too.

As I mentioned, these are just a few of my favorite childhood books that come to mind. I have a list that is so long. When I was 13 or 14, I lost a lot of my favorite books in a fire at my grandparent's camp. From time to time, a title or story will pop into my mind and I'll start searching for a specific book so I can read it again and have it on my bookshelf. 

What are some of your favorites from your younger years? 

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