Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Valentine Printables

As soon as one holiday is over, I'm ready to switch out my holiday art for the next big day. I usually use a 16x20 version in our family room and an 8x10 version in the kitchen over the cooktop. I actually had a bit of time to browse Pinterest mid-afternoon on Christmas Eve while Landon was napping and my thoughts were on Valentine's Day decorations. I found this great print by Amanda over at Every Creative Endeavor. I knew right away it was perfect for me because it combined my love of aqua and red, and also has a splash of green. I'm going to use the multi-color version in the family room and the red for the kitchen. 

Go here to pick your favorite{s}. 



  1. :( I went to download one and got a nasty virus??

  2. Did you go to the link in my post or search Pinterest? I downloaded from Amanda's blog today & sent to my printer with no problem. Sorry you had a problem.