Thursday, February 2, 2017

valentine ideas

We are pretty relaxed when it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day. We don't exchange extravagant gifts or fight the crowds for a fancy dinner.  We usually have a nice meal at home and I make it kid-friendly for Landon with fun snacks and punch. I never EVER miss a chance to have punch.

I do like to try to make the weekend before and Valentine's Day a little special though. Here's a few of my favorite ideas that are fun, easy and free.

1. Eat dinner at home. Make a new dessert. This year I'm doing Baked Alaska. Try my Cherry Cheese Pie if you need something new.

2. Dance in the Living Room. I could never convince Mike to go out dancing, but he doesn't mind so much at home.  It's easy to listen to your old favorites - songs from when you were dating, got engaged, your wedding song. And you know I'll sneak a Deb song in.

3. Take a Walk. Take a walk through town. Talk about the past, dream about the future. Hold hands.

4. Put Away the Phones, iPads, etc. Have an evening free from the distractions of social media. Focus on each other.

5. Be Creative. Write a poem, make a homemade card. Homemade cards and gifts are the best. Have fun writing a romantic or funny poem and grab some craft supplies and make your own card. It doesn't have to be perfect to be fun. 

What do you have planned for Valentine's Day? 

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