Wednesday, June 7, 2017

summer so far

Our summer is off to a great start. We've been spending time at the pool, enjoying evenings on the front porch and watching marathons of Naked and Afraid. Here's a few things that's keeping us busy...

I ordered this Octopus sprinkler from Pottery Barn Kids back in 2012. I had big plans for it and then it seemed to disappear. Mike and I both thought it had got thrown away with some other boxes and I was so disappointed. Imagine my surprise when we found it with some old Christmas decorations back during the holidays. We are loving it!!

Landon LOVES building forts and usually has one one built on our couch or chair at all times.  It's usually covered with all my throw pillows and blankets. He loves it, but it can get to be a bit of a mess. Well, last week my mom scored a Crazy Forts building set at a yard sale for $5. What a fabulous find!! He loves it and I'm so glad.  Just build the frame, toss some pillows inside and a sheet or blanket over the top and you're all set. She's keeping the yard sale find at her house and ordered this one for him to use at home. I'm so excited to have our living room back...and still let him have his fort.

We're doing a summer reading program that starts on June 25th. It runs for 6 Sundays. I'm excited that I'll have a few free hours for Target while he's busy learning. In the meantime, I found some fun worksheets here.

We're heading to Tennessee later this month to see the Titanic exhibit. I'll share more on that soon.

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