Wednesday, November 7, 2012

thanksgiving | the stuffing

I've been seeing lots of articles and getting several emails showcasing new ideas for Thanksgiving...unique stuffing recipes, new twists on green bean casseroles {yuck}, turkey rubs and marinades. Um, thanks but no.  I'll stick with the traditional meal and sides following our usual recipes and preparations. I'm just not one to try new recipes for Thanksgiving, with the exception of desserts. I want the main meal to be centered around comfort and memories, to have that same amazing taste we've been mentally tasting all month long.

The stuffing is hands-down my favorite part of the meal.  My mother-in-law makes the most amazing stuffing. I've been following her recipe for several years now. It gets nice and crunchy on top and is like velvet inside.  We're going to try frying the leftovers this year, using cranberry sauce for dipping. Hey, I didn't say we don't go wild with leftovers. If you need a great stuffing recipe, here's one that will become your favorite.

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